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Measure you existing
Window Screen

To ensure precise measurements for ordering window screens, adhere to the following guidelines: Begin by stating measurements in the format "Width / Short Side" followed by "Height / Long Side." Achieve accuracy by measuring to the nearest 1/8 inch. Utilize the outer edge of the window screen frame as your reference point for measurement.

Choose your Window
Screen Material Type

In this step, you'll have the opportunity to select the ideal material for your custom window screen. Our options include the classic Fiberglass Screen, providing clear visibility, efficient airflow, and insect protection. For a sleek and durable choice, we offer Aluminum Screen. If mosquitos are a concern, our Mosquito Screen keeps them at bay while maintaining transparency and fresh air. Families with pets will appreciate our Pet Resistant Screen, designed for durability without compromising ventilation. Lastly, our Pollen Screen prioritizes allergen reduction, ensuring a clean and comfortable indoor environment. Choose the material that suits your needs best, and move on to Step 3 to finalize your personalized window screen.

Choose your Window
Screen Hardware

In this final step, put the touch on your customized window screen by selecting from our array of hardware options. Whether you prefer convenience with pull tabs, elegance with acorn turn latches, or a secure fit with plunger bolts, we have the perfect hardware to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. Choose from loop latch & friction hanger, butterfly knife latch, casement turn clips, leaf springs, rams horns, and cross bar to complete your personalized window screen, adding the perfect blend of style and utility.

Video Guides To Choosing The Right Window Screen

Window Screen
Materials Options

How To Measure a
Window Screen

Hardware Mounting &

Frame Thickness Videos

1/4 Frame Thickness (Almond)

3/8 Frame Thickness (Biege)

5/16 Frame Thickness

7/16 Frame Thickness (White)